"The show at the Sheldon was a revelation in St. Louis, a grounded sensibility in a flighty art environment…. . For anyone starved for the sheer sensual pleasure of paint, Smith's canvases are a feast."

Riverfront Times, Eddie Silva, 2001


"…Few can weave in and out of all these configurations so naturally and purposefully – or better yet, somehow integrate all into a specific, clear and personal type of imagery".

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Brian Smith,2001

Bullboat Zeppelin

"Smith – like Kurt Schwitters, like wonderful Anne Ryan, like Rauschenberg on a good day – brings bits and pieces of throwaway stuff together and makes art that is genuinely moving and expressive".

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Robert Duffy, 1996


"Being in a roomful of these pictures is an affecting experience, but each work individually stands firmly on its own and, in the most gentle and harmonious tones, speaks with clarity and eloquence."

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Robert Duffy, 1996

Blue Grid 1

"James M Smith's sculptural works at Perimeter are a special, honest statement about our relationship to the land and our ancestors. The work is different, fresh and communicates a palpable integrity."

Paul Klein, Art Letter


"Smith's way of speaking about his work lacks the hyperbole that all too often accompanies contemporary art. In a culture where transcendence is so fatuously valued, Smith's paintings are about presence".

Riverfront Times, Eddie Silva, 2001


"These works are breathtaking, somehow heartbreaking, and they will forever alter your notions of drawing in art."

Riverfront Times, Ivy Cooper, 2003


"These pieces seek to capture an immediate sense of unfinished process, clearly evidencing the maker's hand, they are magically transformed into highly sophisticated and tight compositions".

West End Word, Teresa Callahan, 2003